Ask: is the array sorted? (cus it might have multiple missing numbers, but no matter what the first index is, the first one satisfy (nums.index(i) === -1) will be the one missing).. I don’t really get why this one is hard..there must be a trap somewhere i am not realizing….(come back later)

input is an array of numbers,

To find the first missing positive integers from 1- n

e.g. input: [3,4 ,5, 6] output: 1

e.g. input: [1, 3,4 ,5, 6] output: 2

e.g. input: [1, 2,3 ,4] output: 5

I can compare the input with [1, 2, .. n], (where n is arr.length) the first missing number will be the output

time: O(n)

space: O(1)

when I realized I f*k up my own website…

ok on to the topic..

868. [Transpose Matrix]

Given a matrix A, return the transpose of A.

The transpose of a matrix is the matrix flipped over it’s main diagonal, switching the row and column indices of the matrix.

Example 1:

Javascript Inheritance:

Essentially, in javascript, it’s all about functions, and it can work as a class like so. (A very power concept, (I think, unique in js?), that a function is a class!!!)

function Pet(name, parent) { = name;

this.parent = parent;


// the syntax is keyword (1)function…

I am always terrified of googling my own name and petrified that something inappropriate or unprofessional about me might be out there on the internet, that people might judge me with, this feeling of crippled by fear is not an enjoyment for sure.

What if we can archive our social media content? oh wait, I did a simple search, this article about social media capture quickly show up,

Heck yeah, user should have more controller over their data!!!

and it listed a loooong list of tools (free or paid) to archive or backup.

Also apparently, you can also use webcrawler: I am gonna research later : )

Here are the lists of tools for social media backup:

I just really love the smell of coffee, so I wonder why not have a coffee scent perfume, that would be the perfect product for coffee lover!! Who is with me?

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